Monday, November 30, 2009

Lobbying for more TREATS!

Thatcher has been unimpressed with the number of treats we have been feeding her since her vet appointment last week. In response to her "diet" she decided to take to the streets and lobby Congress - here are the photos from her adventure with Reagan.

Waiting in the kitchen for more treats

Reagan taking to the Library of Congress for research

Thatcher is ready to take on Congress

Reagan shows his support

With no results, Thatcher looks to the Supreme Court for a resolution

Matt with Reagan & Thatcher at the Library of Congress - someone had to help them since they don't have opposable thumbs

Monday, November 16, 2009

Domestic Travel?

Well, as shocked as I was to learn of my trip out west, I was happy about only dealing with a 3 hour time difference. I was able to meet with my supplier, who is acting as a wholeseller for the materials that I am in need of for my project over in the West Bank. Because of this I was off to Wyoming and then Los Angeles - yes, the City of Angels. I had a blast in Casper, WY eating at the Casper Petroleum Club and viewing my supplier's facilities. LA was interesting. Can you say TOO MANY LANES OF TRAFFIC ON THE EXPRESSWAY?! Thankfully it was Vetran's Day so the traffic was light, or I would have pulled a Clueless scene by freaking out and subsequently pulling off the freeway. I had a blast at California Steel where I was able to see the final run of pipe being produced before changing sizes for manufacturing. What a great facility and production line they have. I also had a couple of hours to see the Pacific Ocean and Redondo Beach. Enjoy the pictures!!

My supplier's "trophy room"

my supplier's office - he shot a rogue elephant, I'm sitting on it's feet!

very tame deer in Casper, WY

Doing what I do BEST!

The Pacific Ocean with one of my suppliers