Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I won!

Here is my baggage as packed with the assistance of Delta baggage specialists.

I did beat the Peapod delivery guy to Jennie's and was rewarded with a pink can!

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The day I beat the battle with baggage

I try to be organized and at many times I am quite successful, but as has become the norm, when it comes to business travel, I always seem to disregard transportation to the airport. I do not know why or why I did not learn after the first chaotic effort to get to the airport but yet again I found myself lacking transportation this morning. Now as a side note, transportation has been arranged for weeks for Matt and my Punta Cana vacation.

So here I am staring at Reagan and Thatcher, frantically calling taxis, trying out my new iPhone app, taxi magic and all with no success. After an hour of failing at securing wheels, I saw the writing on the wall and with three suitcases, my work bag, and my snowboard made my way to the metro. This is an 8 block walk which on any other day, even in snow, I can walk with no complaints but today I was begging for a taxi to drive by...but not one did. I dud make it to the metro and the 12 stops to work. Upon entering the office, there was unbelief in my feat, I must say that only a person possessing super powers would attempt that trek. I must admit, that the first thing I did was schedule my taxi to the airport before removing my coat!

You would think ghat my adventure stops here, but at the airport curb baggage check they wanted to charge me $185 for my mound of luggage. With two empty pieces, I just couldn't allow this so in my dress in the sidewalk I started unpacking my one piece of luggage to try and get it down to two carry-ons and two checked pieces. Thankfully one of the employees felt sorry for the trauma of having my delicates and everything else on the sidewalk for display, so we devised a plan. When I retrieve my luggage in Boston I will share, but it is unbelievable! Let's just say that I was successful and only paid $60 for baggage and over tipped my accomplice for his efforts and out if box thinking.

So off I go to Boston having showed my luggage and Delta who's boss! If only I was flying a star alliance partner, I can check 3 bags each weighing 75lbs with no added fees. Hey, these adventures only build character, right?!

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