Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to Jordan

I somehow get wrapped up in drama, but that is never my intention. I love quiet evenings at home with my husband and actually fancy a game of scrabble in our pjs to anything else. But alas, my life is not without its share of excitement. I was told on Thursday that I would be off to Jordan on Friday. Yup, plenty of notice to get my life back in order after being on vacation for a week. I of course prioritized all the items that I wanted to take care of over the next month, including sweeping the patio and getting ready for spring! I am also very comitted to being a one bagger, and did my best to put everything into one carry-on - but thanks to my friends at Turkish Air, no can do. I was over the weight limit for carry-ons. I have never had someone weight my carry-on before. How insane! So much for not taking full size shampoo with me and not worrying the entire trip about lost luggage. Thankfully no drama. Arriving in Jordan you can get your visa at the airport, in of course the local currency. But no worries there is a money change right there for you - how convenient. How can I make that my next business model. I have a captive audience who is not concerned with exchange rates and fees. I met my new driver who is from Jordan but his family cover over from Israel in the 40's. Because of this he cannot leave Jordan. So much for birth right citizenship - seriously USA, we should re-evaluate, no other countries do this. I degress... I was excited to spend 10 nights at the Marriott hotel. Finally, I will start accumulating hotel points to go with my much coveted frequent flier miles and status. (Matt will be able to see what luxury is all about come September!) I always get settled into my rooms, unpack, iron, hang, and take over the bathroom with all of my goodies. During my first day in the office, Sunday, I was told that the embassy was highly recommending that I move from the Marriott to another hotel because of security. The protests from the weekend, that had gotten a little out of control, were anticipated to continue on Sunday and the Marriott and my dreams of hotel points there went out the window. I have moved on to another hotel with a great rewards program, only problem is that I was going to start using the Marriott in Pakistsan to continue to grow this new membership. Oh well. Oh, and because most Jordanians have jobs, there will not be any more protests until Friday and probably Friday after prayers. The setting and drivers are much like those that I have encountered in the West Bank. Though there are many rotaries here and like in the US, nobody properly teaches people how to drive around them. Seriously, there are rules to rotaries. I think that I will have to start teaching people - my next business plan, though I fear that it will not really take -off. Hit the gym while on a conference call and blogging while I wait for my seared chicken dinner, then a long night of work ahead of me. Cheers!

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