Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nothing to report in Jordan...

Jordanians work hard and protests have only been taking place on Fridays after prayer. We will see what happens tomorrow, the King, who is well liked has put up signs outlining areas for peaceful protests and is keeping the opposition outside the capitol, so I am interested as to what will happen.

I have been loving Apple technology by using FaceTime with Matt and Jennie. I love seeing Matt everyday and it makes being away easier. With Jennie I can check on her packing progress for the big move a block away.

There are no tanning beds and I am losing my tan:(. It is just horrifying, new tan plan when I get home. Also, three hours after my scheduled landing in the US, are family pictures at the Capitol. I am so excited. The photographer has amazing shots in her portfolio.

I will update on the events of tomorrow though I do not intend to leave my hotel room.

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Location:Princess Basma,,Jordan

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