Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to share. I appreciate when others share with me and I try very hard to share, but there is a limit and that brings me to today. Lunch was brought into the office today to treat the staff who have been working very long hours. The fare was traditional middle eastern food - hummus, falafel, swarma, pita bread, and vegetables. This is all served "family style". As many people know there are two types of dining which I dispise - family style and tapas. I should not be complaining and many are thinking why did you just not join in the meal, but I don't want to offend anyone and with this being my first trip to Jordan, I am on my best behavior. As I stand around the table with the team, none of us with utensils or plates, they must have noticed a look of - sorry to say disgust - on my face. So a spoon was retreived and two plates. One for me and another for a gentleman who probably feels the same way that I do about food -don't take my food! The spoon was used, dropped on the dirty conference room floor, and put back into the hummus. No hummus for me! Now everyone is sharing the pita bread, just ripping of pieces and sticking it in the hummus, gathering shwarma, ect. I can't do that. So I stood around the table and just took it all in for a minute, deciding which had the least amount of germs/bacteria - this is my equivalent to street food. I finally garner the nerve to have a small piece of pita bread that had been left untouched, three falafel balls which were on the plate in the middle and so not been fully attacked yet and a couple of pickles, thinking that the vinegar would help ward off some germs. As I sat and munch, I starting thinking to the long hours and that one employee had been to the hospital because he was sick with cold/flu/fill in the blank. I am hoping to not get sick, and though I probably won't - it is chances like this that I take which puts me at risk for food poisoning and getting sick when I travel. I just can't afford to be careless next time, but as I didn't want to offend anyone by passing on lunch, I joined in. An appreciated lunch by the team who has been working so hard, now I am focusing all my mental power on not getting sick!

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